Energetic Anatomy – An Illustrated Guide To Understanding And Using The Human Energy System

I found “Energetic Anatomy: An Illustrated Guide To Understanding And Using The Human Energy System” by Mark Rich to be an interesting and informative read. The book looks at the energy that we all possess and ways to understand and use the energy productively. Rich draws from books and teachings of Carlos Castaneda and Tom Brown, Jr., both of whom I’m familiar with, and his own martial art, Qigong, and healing practices. I’d have liked to have read a bit more about Rich’s martial art and Qigong practice, because I have a background in both as well, but that’s a minor point.

The book is short, 149 pages, and easy to read. Rich writes in a personal style, and much of the book is based on his own beliefs and experiences, with only a little reference to other sources. Again, I’d have liked to have read a bit more about his teachings and where he learned and so forth. There were also some experiences of Rich’s that are a bit difficult to understand, and I believe some readers may dismiss some of this information. I would hate for someone to dismiss the entire book due to portions that are not understood, because I believe there is much we don’t understand about the energy we all possess, and this book provides a perspective that will be a piece of the whole for many who study and work with the body’s energy systems.

The author explains how he got into energy work, and a basic description of the Human Energy System as he teaches it. This includes an energetic core, energetic cones, energy meridians, and what he describes as the tubes complex and cord bundle. I personally have not “seen” these cones and tubes as the author suggests, but I do believe it provides a “visual” as we think about our energy and it’s movement.

I really liked the chapter on health, because as someone who has studied martial arts and Qigong, I do believe energy is an important component of health and fitness. Rich provides some exercises throughout the text to help the reader better understand the Human Energy System. I have not tried all of these exercises, but see where they can be worked into a program of health, breathing, and energy work. I don’t know if my own experiences, beliefs, and trainings agree with all of Rich’s either, but that’s okay, they don’t have to. I appreciate his points of view and experiences, and learned from them. There is a lot we don’t understand about our energy and how it works, and this book by Mark Rich provides guidance on understanding our energy better. I recommend it to those who work in human energy fields and to those who want a different perspective on the Human Energy System.